May 21, 2014

London PUA coach – Exclusive Interview with PUA Coach Matthew Excell

How would you like to become more confident socially, with women or just have more confidence in general? With everyday aspects in life or something in specific? To have a greater balance or to be more fulfilled? To become the best you possible that you that you can be, and how would you like to achieve this sooner rather than later?

Maybe you would you like to become successful with life, with dating and PUA? Maybe to overcome and beat approach anxiety? Or any other sticking points? Maybe to gain confidence with people, be congruence in general, defeat all your fears, overcome shyness and get the life you desire and deserve!

If that is you, then listen up. We have an exclusive interview with one of London’s leading PUA and dating coaches. Listen to Matthew Excel share the tips and tricks of how to get the woman that you want. Direct, to the point and full of knowledge. Sit back and enjoy what Matthew has to share with you today.

PUA Coach London – Matthew Excell

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August 29, 2012

Women wanting casual encounters

Casual Encounters

Girl seeks Casual Encounter

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February 26, 2012

Fat and Single, Divorced Dating and More

Widowers Dating, Parent Dating and more

We’re delighted to share news of new sites that have been recently launched. They cover specific niches and we’d love to get your views on them and whether they’d be right for you. They are:

Fat and Single – dating for people who are a little larger

Widowers Dating – dating specifically for people who have lost someone

Parent Dating – dating for parents

Divorced Dating – Dating for Divorcees

Have a look and let us know what you think

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January 27, 2012

Casual relationships in Oxford – read on…

Life is about living. And it can be hard to do it alone. That is why we are confident that you would rather spend your money going out in Oxford on a casual date instead of spending evenings alone in front of the television. Casual relationships are very popular because many people out there are not interested in meeting that special someone. It is also considerably easier than you might think for people in Chipping Norton and all over Oxfordshire to find someone they can share a date with.

Go on line to seek casual relationships in Oxford where you can be introduced to the dating scene be helped to meet new people and establish new friendships. Using such a service to find casual relationships in Oxford is helpful for those who are interested dating and finding love again but do not want to rely on family, friends or “matchmakers.” Nowadays, having casual relationships in Oxford is easier than you might think. It is similar to what most people from the younger generation do. Most singles of any age go on line to find somebody who shares common interests with them. Other methods for meeting casual dates in Oxford might include joining social or religious organizations that allow you to mingle with like-minded individuals.

Casual relationship dating in Oxford is possible for you if you live in Oxfordshire or towns including Chipping Norton, Burford, Witney, Woodstock, Kidlington, Abingdon or Carterton. This lifeline to casual dates in Oxford is beneficial for those who think that they are already past the dating age but still want to feel the thrill and excitement that getting to know someone knew can bring. Casual dating is especially popular among people who have been through divorce or even the death of a spouse. Many of these daters daters are looking for casual relationships in the form of companionship and emotional support, along with sexual intimacy.

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December 31, 2011

Casual Dating For Divorced People

People who are divorced are obviously somewhat wary about who they are going to end up with. The first relationship didn’t work, so why should the second? Obviously the first relationship didn’t work out so well because the person they ended up marrying was not who they truly wanted to be with, or something took a turn for the worst for some small reason. Dating for divorced people can be a struggle, or it can be extremely easily. It all depends on why your previous marriage failed.

If you’re divorced and dating again, then there’s a few things that you should look out for. First off, if you’re divorced and dating again, steer clear from any characteristics your ex-spouse had. After all, there is a reason that you are divorced and dating again. Second of all, make sure that you don’t fall in love too easily. Most of the time, the reason dating for divorced people ends up being so hard is because they “fall in love” too quickly. This can result in everything turning to dust quicker than ever imagined, when things don’t play out like they romanticize.It is also important to remember that dating for divorced people is also a lot easier the second time around. There isn’t as much pressure to get things right, because more than likely you’ll end up finding another divorced person. If you’re divorced, you should look for other people who were divorced and dating again. This will make things a lot easier and less awkward, because you’re not the only one in your new relationship with a troublesome past. It may also be the case that you are much more comfortable with finding a casual relationship for casual sex rather than having a full blown relationship again.

Dating for divorced people has its own category, (divorced looking for divorced), which helps people have a second chance at true love. If you’re looking for someone because of the other person in your relationship not treating you the same as when you “fell in love”, explain that to the new person that you meet. Tell them that you aren’t the one who ended your relationship, and that you will remain true as long as they will. One of the most reassuring things about finding a new partner is that you both will more than likely have the same attitude going in to the relationship.

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October 5, 2011

women looking for sex meets and casual relationships

Sex Meets - women looking for casual relationships

Sex Meets - women looking for casual relationships

me…..slightly quirky, green eyed gal, work as a trainer ( ive heard all the “oooh you can give me a workout” lines …thanks

just havin a look out for cool guy to have cool times with

love a glass of the pink stuff on the weekend ; ) and luv guys with tattoos…not the hairy biker variety tho,

bullshitters need not apply…


Sex Meets - women looking for casual relationships

Sex Meets - women looking for casual relationships

July 1, 2011

Looking for sex meetups for the over sixty’s through online dating websites

Starting over at sixty through online dating websites – looking for sex meet-ups

Life is all about meeting new people and sharing new experiences. Sometimes people shy away from talking to people and end up all alone. By the time you reach the fag end of your life, if you still have your friends with you, you may consider yourself blessed. If you don’t, well, it is not too late to start over again. People today know each other much better than old days. They know what is happening around them and also about things happening all around the world.

Internet has brought people closer than we could ever have imagined. Finding a lost friend is not that difficult. Sign in to any social networking website and the next thing you know you have rebuilt a lost relation. Whether you are married or single, your desperate situation should never get in your way to making new friends. Sometimes you may meet that special person there. Who knows what fate has in store for you.

Sixties can be sweet if you have the right person beside you. If during old times living together for a lifetime was the norm, today relationships end much faster than they begin. Younger generation has discovered new vistas abroad and is constantly in the search for opportunities outside. All this owes to the technological boom triggered by the advent of internet and social media.

Today you don’t have to walk a hundred miles to some dating agency to meet people of your choice if you simply want sex meet ups. At sixty, especially, you don’t want to do that. It is much easier, signing in to any one of those million dating sites and instantly start meeting people, not just from your city. Sex meetups via online dating for over 60′s sites are the perfect place where you could successfully find people who share similar thoughts, views and similar outlooks from around the globe.

Online dating for over 60′s websites and blogs have millions of people that belong to your generation and there is absolute chance that you will meet someone who is on the same wave length. This means that you no longer have to depend on dating advertisements on newspapers or meet a dating agency. You just need to go online. If you know the basics of internet it is easy to sign up with a website and start dating. These online dating for over 60′s websites provide information regarding people who have specific preferences so that you don’t have to check the complete list. It is easy and simple. Design your profile, list your preferences, start communicating and start connecting.

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June 15, 2011

find mature sex partners for adults over 40

Casual Dating as a senior adult is a new experience when you want to find mature sex partners

People who have been married for many years sometimes think about what it was like to be single. They are tired of the status quo of their lifestyle. They remember what it was like to be to have all the freedom they wanted. But they forget about the loneliness. For most people this is only a passing thought and when they really think about it, they are happy in their current marriage. Sharing your life for many years with someone is a very special thing. Most people do not know how to start dating in your 40′s or 50′s – particularly if you simply looking for sex partners for casual dating.

Some people are not that lucky and they are older and by themselves. The fifties plus generation believes in companionship and often craves having someone to share it with. If they have lost a partner, for whatever reason, it can be a very lonely situation. This is not an easy age to be on your own. Sometimes dating in your 50′s can be difficult. Almost everyone has someone to be with during this time of life.

Life is far from over at fifty. This age group has raised their children and they are now ready to start having some fun. If they are alone, it can be difficult to meet someone to share this with. Grown children have their own families to be with and siblings are busy with their independent lives. Finding a casual sex companion or partner can be difficult. Bars and social gatherings are used by younger people to find friendships, but this generation is not always comfortable being involved in that type of scene.

More and more people are turning to different ways of finding casual sex partners and no strings attached relationships. They are cautious when they meet potential mates. Looking in the newspaper for random ads is not appealing to them. ‘ Many times dating in your 50′s can be stressful. Trying a new and trusted way to meet people is what they are looking for.

Today most seniors use the internet and are very comfortable on the computer. They are looking at online dating services for people over fifty. At first it might seem a little strange, but they realize it is fun and safe. Easy to use dating and online chat rooms are interesting ways for seniors to make friends. It takes all the guess work out of dating at an older age. No need to worry about the person having habits they might not enjoy, it is all discussed online before they actually meet. Many people have meet a partner using this system. It is not just for the younger generation.

Anyone who would like to find new casual friendships and interests should try dating online services. They are reputable and safe. It is the new way of connecting and it has excellent results. Everyone needs people in their lives to share happiness with. There is no reason for anyone to every spend a lonely evening again. Online casual dating services can change the way people find happiness.