January 23, 2015

How To Keep Your Casual Relationship Going

Nowadays, a casual sex relationship has become more popular to those who are not ready to settle down. You can actually become single whilst having a certain kind of relationship with someone. You can be friends with a person whilst enjoying an added benefit. This is to have sex and satisfy your sexual cravings without committing yourselves to each other. This kind of relationship will become successful if the two of you understand and follow the rules. However, as good as it may seem, it is also possible to encounter some issues. How do you keep this relationship going?

Make an agreement. Before starting a relationship like this, you must make sure that you can come up with an agreement. This will also ensure that you are on the same page. You need to discuss the rules properly so that everything is clear for the both of you. You can talk about how the relationship should start and how it should end. Make each other understand that being in a casual relationship is only temporary. Be clear about the dos and don’ts in your relationship. You will be able to save yourself from future problems if the labels are clear. The success of the relationship lies on your agreement.

Be firm with the rules. It is not enough to only talk about the agreement. You also have to create specific rules that should be observed while you are both in the relationship. The rules should include the basics about a casual sex relationship. For instance, you are not allowed to develop feelings for each other. It is good to make a list of these rules so that you can be guided accordingly. You can include other rules such as when you can spend time with each other.

Abide by the rules. This involves not getting emotional and affectionate. You need to be careful when it comes to spending time with the other person, as this may be a factor that develops attachment. Always remind yourself about your agreement and abide by the rules. Be mindful about your behavior. The bottom line is to keep everything casual.

Maintain your distance. This does not mean that you are only going to see each other once a month. It really depends on your agreement. However, when it comes to physical contact and getting your feelings involved, you must always maintain your distance. Physical contact is unavoidable during sexual intercourse; nevertheless, you must leave right away after satisfying yourselves to make sure there is no place for intimate moments. Maintaining your distance also means giving top priority to your personal space.

Enjoy your relationship. One of the most important things that you should be kept in mind whilst in a casual relationship is to have fun and enjoy it. That way, you will never regret anything and the relationship will become more worthwhile. Remember that there is no reason for you to take things seriously. This kind of relationship is not meant to be critical or momentous.

Honesty is the best policy. When it comes to casual sex relationships, honest is important as well. The other person has the right to know the state of your mind and feelings. You should immediately tell the other person if something has changed. This way, you can decide to make the relationship serious or to finally say goodbye.

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