January 23, 2015

How To Keep Your Casual Relationship Going

Nowadays, a casual sex relationship has become more popular to those who are not ready to settle down. You can actually become single whilst having a certain kind of relationship with someone. You can be friends with a person whilst enjoying an added benefit. This is to have sex and satisfy your sexual cravings without committing yourselves to each other. This kind of relationship will become successful if the two of you understand and follow the rules. However, as good as it may seem, it is also possible to encounter some issues. How do you keep this relationship going?

Make an agreement. Before starting a relationship like this, you must make sure that you can come up with an agreement. This will also ensure that you are on the same page. You need to discuss the rules properly so that everything is clear for the both of you. You can talk about how the relationship should start and how it should end. Make each other understand that being in a casual relationship is only temporary. Be clear about the dos and don’ts in your relationship. You will be able to save yourself from future problems if the labels are clear. The success of the relationship lies on your agreement.

Be firm with the rules. It is not enough to only talk about the agreement. You also have to create specific rules that should be observed while you are both in the relationship. The rules should include the basics about a casual sex relationship. For instance, you are not allowed to develop feelings for each other. It is good to make a list of these rules so that you can be guided accordingly. You can include other rules such as when you can spend time with each other.

Abide by the rules. This involves not getting emotional and affectionate. You need to be careful when it comes to spending time with the other person, as this may be a factor that develops attachment. Always remind yourself about your agreement and abide by the rules. Be mindful about your behavior. The bottom line is to keep everything casual.

Maintain your distance. This does not mean that you are only going to see each other once a month. It really depends on your agreement. However, when it comes to physical contact and getting your feelings involved, you must always maintain your distance. Physical contact is unavoidable during sexual intercourse; nevertheless, you must leave right away after satisfying yourselves to make sure there is no place for intimate moments. Maintaining your distance also means giving top priority to your personal space.

Enjoy your relationship. One of the most important things that you should be kept in mind whilst in a casual relationship is to have fun and enjoy it. That way, you will never regret anything and the relationship will become more worthwhile. Remember that there is no reason for you to take things seriously. This kind of relationship is not meant to be critical or momentous.

Honesty is the best policy. When it comes to casual sex relationships, honest is important as well. The other person has the right to know the state of your mind and feelings. You should immediately tell the other person if something has changed. This way, you can decide to make the relationship serious or to finally say goodbye.

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December 25, 2014

Friends with Benefits Scenario

Have you ever thought about being in a casual sex relationship? This kind of relationship is also known as “friends with benefits”. However, before making decisions, you may need to have a good view about the whole scenario of being in this kind of relationship. Moreover, you need to realize whether you can handle not getting attached emotionally whilst being able to satisfy your sexual needs. In addition, you need to look for the right guy who can agree with the rules and who fits your ideals to be your “friend”.

Being friends with benefits seems appealing to many because there are no demands to meet. Men are often better when it comes to maintaining a casual relationship as their body and mind works differently compared to women. Due to this, they can keep up with the rules of the “no strings attached” kind of relationship. They can separate their own emotions from sex. On the other hand, it is a different case for women who are more into attachments and being intimate. For instance, men usually view sex as just a physical action whilst women may look at the act as making love. Can you keep yourself from being emotionally attached? Remember that a casual sex is entirely different from a one-night stand. You are not only going to have sex for fun but to satisfy your sexual needs for a certain amount of time. This means that you are going to maintain a certain kind of relationship or agreement for a long term.

Conflicts may occur with casual sex relationships because you spend some time together. Due to this, it can be difficult to control your feelings and avoid becoming attached. The situation may have an overwhelming twist if you are not careful. In relation to this, you need to be prepared and know how to handle the situation the moment it becomes complicated. You should also know the factors that can get you into trouble. Recognizing the signs that you are falling in love with the other person is also significant.

Not all casual sex relationships work and end happily. They are also prone to a lot of problems. There is no guarantee that you will be able to avoid getting hurt just because your relationship is casual and you are not committed to each other. A simple physical contact may trigger your hormones and make you realize that you are romantically attached. The moment you think that you do not want to be away from him then you know you are already in trouble. Remember that being friends with benefits is only temporary. Do not expect this relationship to end as a serious one.

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November 24, 2014

Why Women Get in Trouble with Casual Relationships

Women have a disadvantage when it comes to engaging themselves in a casual sex. This is because their hormones work differently compared with the opposite sex. Due to this, a woman can get into trouble easily and may find it difficult to control their feelings. For men, it is easier for them to get up and leave right away after having sex. As for women, sex may mean more. It is also enough for a man to be able to perform well in bed, make the woman happy and then leave right away. On the other hand, women may experience a little connection or bond even when it is just casual sex. A woman may also seek more from simple physical contact whilst having sex.

However, all of the things that happen in a woman whilst in a casual sex relationship are completely normal. This is how a woman’s body is made. The behavior and reactions that may occur are natural. Due to this, you need to consider all the possibilities. Do not deny the fact that you may fall in love with the other person even though it is not allowed. Due to this, you may need to exert more effort into controlling your emotions and abiding by the rules. You also need to fully understand your agreement. On the other hand, you have to be honest with yourself and be responsible for your own emotions.

A man is more able to move on and leave whenever the situation becomes more complicated. They do not have the difficulty to decide and end the relationship when there is a need to. There are women who find it difficult to detach themselves from the people whenever the emotions are already involved.

One important factor that gets a woman in trouble with casual sex is the hormones. This is a chemical which is majorly present in a woman’s body. It affects the behavior and feelings. This hormone is evident when a woman gives birth to a baby. In case of a casual relationship, even without the involvement of a child, this chemical occurs whilst spending time with someone who you are physically attracted to. This way, it can be difficult to maintain things on a casual level. In addition to this, the hormone, which is called oxytocin, will intensify the feeling.

However, you should not let these factors stop you from enjoying the benefits of being in a casual sex relationship. Anyone has the right to be friends with benefits as long as you know the rules. You should also be prepared when things change and remember to always think twice before making decisions.

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October 21, 2014

Thinking About Casual Relationships

Having a casual sex relationship with a person is definitely a good idea for someone who is not into a romantic and serious relationship. However, you may need a good understanding of the rules to keep it going. You should know how to control your feelings to avoid getting attached to the other person. Remember that a casual relationship is something that is more than a one night stand. You should keep yourself from having romantic feelings toward the person even if it means spending some time with them and having sex. It can be a good idea in the beginning but once you jump into it without really realizing if it is for you, you are bound to get yourself into trouble.

What is the advantage of a casual sex relationship?

Casual sex relationships are for people who are just having a good time and finding someone who can satisfy their sexual needs without involving emotions and commitment. This is also the main advantage in this kind of relationship. A casual relationship is less stressful and demanding. It is only a short-term connection with someone. It is all about having fun without worrying about anything else. Being friends with benefits needs you to separate your emotions from sex.

Casual Sex Between Men and Women

Men and women look at sex differently. Women are more prone to developing feelings for their “friends”. Women’s hormones play an important role in this issue. On the other hand, men find this kind of relationship easier to manage. This is because they see a casual relationship just how it should be and nothing more. He may strive to please you in the bed whilst enjoying the moment at the same time but it is all about the sex. He can immediately leave you right away after satisfying himself. He is most likely to avoid prolonged physical contact to prevent intimate moments. This is how men see things when it comes to casual sex relationships. As with a woman, she may find a different level of joy and excitement with the relationship which may become a disadvantage later on. For instance, you may ask more from your usual routine of casual hookup. It is easy to develop emotional attachment even though it is just casual sex.

It is fine to have one night stands but casual sex relationships are a completely different matter. You can still get hurt if you are not careful. Spending time together means increasing your chance of falling in love with the other person even when you are not allowed to. When that happens, there is nothing more you can do but end the relationship right away before things get very complicated.

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September 26, 2014

What to Consider with Casual Relationships

Are you currently thinking a casual sex relationship is the right one for you? If so, you also need to think about being ready to face the risks and consequences in this kind of relationship. Is it really a good thing? The answer depends on you.

The following points are to be considered when planning on getting into a casual sex relationship:

You may get hurt. Unfortunately, you are bound to get hurt if you are not careful. The rules of being friends with benefits are somewhat tricky so you have to play it right. In relation to this, you need to find the right person who can abide by the rules properly and make a reasonable agreement with you. Moreover, if you find it hard to control your feelings sometimes then perhaps this is not the right option for you. Remember that men can maintain the relationship as casual until the end but women sometimes find it hard to do so because of several factors, which are only unique to them.

Learn how to define being casual. What does being casual actually mean? Learning about this will help you to learn about the boundaries of being in a casual sex relationship. You will also be able to understand the rules properly if you know how it works and why people choose to be in this kind of relationship. If your concern right now is to solely satisfy your sexual desires with someone whom you are physically attracted to, then go ahead and try it. You should also keep in mind that being casual means going for a short-term relationship. There is no place for anything serious.

How the relationship should end. Because this is a short-term relationship, the individuals involved should know how it will end. This is where discussing the agreement and rules come in. Even before starting the relationship, you need to discuss how it should end. This will help you recall that you are bound to move on alone sooner or later if either one of you breaks the rules.

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August 23, 2014

Seniors and Online Dating

Some people think that if they are still single at 50 they will stay that way forever. Nobody is in control of your destiny except you. Life is unpredictable and you never know what will happen next. When you look at the bright side, you can see that there are lots of opportunities for you when it comes to dating. You are not young, but it does not mean that you can’t enjoy the chances of meeting the right person. Luckily, there is a way to change your life and stop feeling lonely.

There are lots of online dating sites that are specifically made for seniors like you. These sites are well-established and can be trusted. It is actually very easy to look for these sites. All you need to do is to type in “dating sites for seniors” in your browser’s search bar. You are automatically given a number of sites to choose from. It is really up to you which one to choose. You just need to check the site’s reputation and the membership fee.

Many seniors are enjoying the benefits of online dating and that is why it is becoming more popular. You can immediately start looking for men and send emails or instant messages to create an exciting conversation.

Unlike the traditional way of dating, you can find men easier and faster through online dating. It will only take a matter of days to make a choice. It will be easy to look for a date online because you already know what you need and want. This gives you a better chance of being successful with online dating.

You need to consider some safety tips when joining an online dating site. There can be people who are not trustworthy in the online community so you need to take some precautions. You have to pick sites that are well-established and have a good reputation. Be wary of online dating sites that do not require a fee. It is normal to pay a minimum fee for membership. Some give you the option to initially pay for a trial period instead of paying for a full 6-month membership to give yourself time to evaluate the site and see if it is working for you.

Joining an online dating site does not guarantee success. You may have to know the tips and tricks such as being honest, polite and keeping your expectations realistic to avoid frustrations and overwhelming disappointments.

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July 27, 2014

Someone who can enjoy the same interest

I’m a 27 yr old I’m married with kids I would really like to meet new people experience what the world has to offer I’m quiet shy when it comes to meet new people I hope I lean a thing or two. I am looking for fun and to learn new things with, simple nsa fun, I enjoy sex and would like to have a good time for simple nsa times

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Looking for the right person to spend my life with

But a man with a good sense of humour and always smells nice with good hygiene goes gets my thumbs up but cant stand arrogance. I will need to chat before i decide to meet anyone as i need to see if we have anything in common. If thats not for you, tough. There are a lot of nutters about and going to make sure i don’t end up with one. I do get lots of messages and don’t have time to reply to every single one. If you do not receive a reply, i’m simply not interested. Please enclose a face pic as i’m married and need to make sure we don’t know each other lol. I don’t have endless pics so dont ask me its a bad habit to get into. If your still reading and haven’t been put off then may chat soon.

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July 24, 2014

Hard working who loves to have fun

Slightly sub female seeks mildly dom male for full relationship.

Trust comes first – don’t want to see your dick in pics thanks. Have some mystery guys seriously! Relationships with link are built on mutual respect, trust and are ultimately private. Please keep your Crown Jewels under wraps and make the effort!

I have no picture as my job makes this site sensitive!

I’m a larger woman so if your skinny then your not for me.

If your the dom I’m looking for, you’ll make the first move.

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Passionate lover whom I can trust

What i am looking for is one on one with pref a muscular tattooed male 24-40, Please be genuine and non pushy. We all have our types and thats mine. I’m not ruling out anyone out who isn’t covered in tattoos though. I wont be bringing anyone back to my home for obvious reasons so you must be local as i don’t drive. I’m afraid i don’t like men who are hairy,(body hair or down below) arrogant or pushy.

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