October 21, 2014

Thinking About Casual Relationships

Having a casual sex relationship with a person is definitely a good idea for someone who is not into a romantic and serious relationship. However, you may need a good understanding of the rules to keep it going. You should know how to control your feelings to avoid getting attached to the other person. Remember that a casual relationship is something that is more than a one night stand. You should keep yourself from having romantic feelings toward the person even if it means spending some time with them and having sex. It can be a good idea in the beginning but once you jump into it without really realizing if it is for you, you are bound to get yourself into trouble.

What is the advantage of a casual sex relationship?

Casual sex relationships are for people who are just having a good time and finding someone who can satisfy their sexual needs without involving emotions and commitment. This is also the main advantage in this kind of relationship. A casual relationship is less stressful and demanding. It is only a short-term connection with someone. It is all about having fun without worrying about anything else. Being friends with benefits needs you to separate your emotions from sex.

Casual Sex Between Men and Women

Men and women look at sex differently. Women are more prone to developing feelings for their “friends”. Women’s hormones play an important role in this issue. On the other hand, men find this kind of relationship easier to manage. This is because they see a casual relationship just how it should be and nothing more. He may strive to please you in the bed whilst enjoying the moment at the same time but it is all about the sex. He can immediately leave you right away after satisfying himself. He is most likely to avoid prolonged physical contact to prevent intimate moments. This is how men see things when it comes to casual sex relationships. As with a woman, she may find a different level of joy and excitement with the relationship which may become a disadvantage later on. For instance, you may ask more from your usual routine of casual hookup. It is easy to develop emotional attachment even though it is just casual sex.

It is fine to have one night stands but casual sex relationships are a completely different matter. You can still get hurt if you are not careful. Spending time together means increasing your chance of falling in love with the other person even when you are not allowed to. When that happens, there is nothing more you can do but end the relationship right away before things get very complicated.

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