November 24, 2014

Why Women Get in Trouble with Casual Relationships

Women have a disadvantage when it comes to engaging themselves in a casual sex. This is because their hormones work differently compared with the opposite sex. Due to this, a woman can get into trouble easily and may find it difficult to control their feelings. For men, it is easier for them to get up and leave right away after having sex. As for women, sex may mean more. It is also enough for a man to be able to perform well in bed, make the woman happy and then leave right away. On the other hand, women may experience a little connection or bond even when it is just casual sex. A woman may also seek more from simple physical contact whilst having sex.

However, all of the things that happen in a woman whilst in a casual sex relationship are completely normal. This is how a woman’s body is made. The behavior and reactions that may occur are natural. Due to this, you need to consider all the possibilities. Do not deny the fact that you may fall in love with the other person even though it is not allowed. Due to this, you may need to exert more effort into controlling your emotions and abiding by the rules. You also need to fully understand your agreement. On the other hand, you have to be honest with yourself and be responsible for your own emotions.

A man is more able to move on and leave whenever the situation becomes more complicated. They do not have the difficulty to decide and end the relationship when there is a need to. There are women who find it difficult to detach themselves from the people whenever the emotions are already involved.

One important factor that gets a woman in trouble with casual sex is the hormones. This is a chemical which is majorly present in a woman’s body. It affects the behavior and feelings. This hormone is evident when a woman gives birth to a baby. In case of a casual relationship, even without the involvement of a child, this chemical occurs whilst spending time with someone who you are physically attracted to. This way, it can be difficult to maintain things on a casual level. In addition to this, the hormone, which is called oxytocin, will intensify the feeling.

However, you should not let these factors stop you from enjoying the benefits of being in a casual sex relationship. Anyone has the right to be friends with benefits as long as you know the rules. You should also be prepared when things change and remember to always think twice before making decisions.

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